Welcome to the Metagrams Toolbar for Mozilla homepage! The Metagrams Toolbar for Mozilla was created in response to the offering of a toolbar for Internet Explorer that interacted with The original toolbar was for users of Internet Explorer 5 and above on Windows, so all Mac and Linux owners and users without Internet Explorer could not use it.

The Metagrams Toolbar for Mozilla is designed to alleviate these problems for users of Mozilla-based browsers with extension support. The Metagrams Toolbar for Mozilla is designed to run under (but may coincidentally run on other, older versions):

Currently only the three previously mentioned browsers will be supported, with browser version requirements slowly increasing as time passes. (Please note that support does not guarantee any problems encountered will be fixed; it only means that all reported problems will be acted upon if they can be reproduced in any of the three browsers mentioned above. Also, there is no guarantee that action will occur promptly — real life can unexpectedly intrude on anyone at any time.)


If you have any further questions, please give feedback. For bugs in the Metagrams Toolbar for Mozilla or with the site itself, please file a bug report in Bugzilla for it under the appropriate component.

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