Here are a few links you may find interesting. They relate to crossword games such as Scrabble®, playing sites online, and other resources. If you have a suggestion for a link, please file a bug for it in the Site Content component in Bugzilla.
An excellent website for word games lovers.
Home of the current best word list studying and creation program - for Microsoft Windows only.
The Scrabble FAQ
Have a question about that most famous of the crossword games? You can most likely find the answer here. A comprehensive, 120KB resource for the Scrabble® history buff.
CGP: Crossword Games Pro
A popular mailing list for tournament Scrabble® players throughout the world.
Adjudicator: Clocks for Timed Word Games
Home of one clock for tournament games of Go, Shogi, Scrabble®, Boggle, and many others; sells two different models and a few other products.
Home of another popular tournament crossword games clock, along with various other accessories.
The National Scrabble® Association
Home of the National Scrabble® Association for tournament Scrabble® in North America.
The International Scrabble® Website
Offers access to the official Scrabble® site for users worldwide.

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